Vermilion Sands: Weather forecast

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Leeds 5-day Met Office forecast

18th Sep

12°C  1%
SE, 2+7mph

12°C  5%
ESE, 2+4mph

14°C  1%
E, 2+4mph

16°C  1%
ESE, 2+2mph

20°C  8%
SSE, 7+9mph

21°C  6%
S, 7+11mph

20°C  1%
S, 7+11mph

18°C  2%
SE, 7+11mph
19th Sep

17°C  6%
SE, 4+11mph

16°C  9%
SSE, 4+11mph

16°C  10%
SE, 4+9mph

17°C  50%
SW, 4+9mph

18°C  47%
WSW, 4+9mph

18°C  29%
SW, 4+9mph

17°C  10%
NW, 4+9mph

15°C  42%
NW, 7+13mph
20th Sep

14°C  17%
WNW, 7+13mph

14°C  43%
NW, 7+13mph

13°C  16%
WNW, 7+13mph

15°C  11%
NW, 7+13mph

17°C  9%
WNW, 7+13mph

18°C  7%
WNW, 4+13mph

16°C  4%
N, 4+9mph

14°C  3%
SSW, 4+9mph
21st Sep

12°C  1%
WSW, 4+7mph

11°C  4%
W, 4+7mph

11°C  5%
SW, 4+7mph

15°C  4%
SSW, 7+13mph

18°C  4%
SSW, 9+20mph

19°C  4%
SSW, 11+22mph

16°C  4%
SSW, 9+16mph

14°C  4%
SSW, 9+18mph
22nd Sep

13°C  5%
SSW, 9+18mph

13°C  9%
SSW, 9+18mph

13°C  8%
SSW, 9+16mph

15°C  9%
SSW, 11+20mph

17°C  12%
SW, 13+25mph

17°C  15%
WSW, 11+22mph

15°C  11%
WSW, 9+18mph

13°C  9%
SW, 9+16mph

Met Office forecast issued at 03:00 Sat 18th Sep. All times UTC.

Yorkshire and Humber regional forecast

Headline: Mainly fine with some sunny spells. Damp in the northwest.

Today: Perhaps on the cloudy side with the odd spot of light rain in the northwest at times, but overall many areas should see a bright and warm day with some sunny spells and light winds. Isolated showers perhaps developing later. Maximum Temperature 23C.

Tonight: Mainly fine during the evening, especially across eastern areas, with light winds here perhaps allowing further fog patches. Cloudier in the far west, with spells of rain becoming slow moving. Minimum Temperature 11C.

Sunday: Perhaps starting fine with bright spells in eastern parts after early fog patches clear. However, rain in the west will soon spread eastwards, with some slow-moving heavy downpours developing later. Maximum Temperature 21C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Becoming drier and brighter on Monday, continuing into Tuesday, but with winds gradually picking up. Generally breezy on Wednesday, with a spell of rain followed by showers. Temperatures falling slightly.

Rain radar



Data courtesy of the Met Office DataPoint service.
Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence.