Vermilion Sands Solar Panel Data for 2019 weather * blog

2019 results

Output = 1,467.285kWh
Average = 4.020kWh/day

Revenue = £820.26
Average = £2.247/day

2019 was our third best year in terms of output, and our best for earnings. In contrast to 2018 the early summer months weren't particularly good, with a poor June, but most other months were better than last year, with August and September being our best ever. A new addition to the site was a section for various records, which shows -- see right -- that monthly totals for 2019 (red highlights) were almost the inverse of 2018 (in green). There were no zero-watt days in 2019, but also no days over 13kWh.

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2019 month by month

Installation details

Location: Leeds, UK
Panels: 9 x Kyocera KD240GH-2FB
Max output: 2.16kW (240W/panel)
Estimated annual output: 1,800.60kWh
Positioning: Flat roof facing S
Commissioning date: 2011-12-02