Vermilion Sands Solar Panel Data for 2016 weather * blog

2016 results

Output = 1,366.748kWh
Average = 3.734kWh/day

Revenue = £674.61
Average = £1.843/day

Our worst year so far, but not as bad as it looks: we lost half of April when the panels were offline due to the roof being replaced. That accounts for most of the deficit, especially as April 2015 was so spectacularly sunny. The only other poor month was a rather gloomy June. We did better than 2015 in 6 months, and the other months weren't much below 2015. We set records for February and August, and after 5 years we're very nearly at the halfway point for paying off the initial cost of the panels. There were 2 zero-watt days, in January and November, both caused by snow.

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2016 month by month

Installation details

Location: Leeds, UK
Panels: 9 x Kyocera KD240GH-2FB
Max output: 2.16kW (240W/panel)
Estimated annual output: 1,800.60kWh
Positioning: Flat roof facing S
Commissioning date: 2011-12-02