Vermilion Sands Solar Panel Data for 2015 weather * blog

2015 results

Output = 1,528.498kWh
Average = 4.188kWh/day

Revenue = £745.20
Average = £2.042/day

The year-on-year improvement continues, generating nearly 90kWh more than 2014. Various records were set: for the first time we passed 1,500kWh and 4kWh/day, and earned over £700 and £2/day. There was a very sunny April which topped 200kWh for the first time and where the daily average exceeded that of both May and July. Records were also set for June and September, and the poor months were those with low totals anyway. There were 3 zero-watt days, one in January caused by snow and two in December due to wet and very murky weather; December was also our first month generating less than 10kWh.

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2015 month by month

Installation details

Location: Leeds, UK
Panels: 9 x Kyocera KD240GH-2FB
Max output: 2.16kW (240W/panel)
Estimated annual output: 1,800.60kWh
Positioning: Flat roof facing S
Commissioning date: 2011-12-02